Hello! I'm RahKitty.
I'm a digital and traditional artist, in Southern California.
I love drawing, pastry art, and playing MMORPGs.
If you're here for commissions, click on one of the options below :3


Bust up: From the chest area and above
Half body: From the waist up
Full body: Exactly that



Bust Up: $80..... Half Body : $100 ..... Full body : $160
Bust Up: 16m FFXIV gil..... Half Body : 20m FFXIV gil ..... Full body : 32m FFXIV gil


Bust Up: $50..... Half Body : $70 ..... Full body : $100
Bust Up: 10m FFXIV gil..... Half Body : 14m FFXIV gil ..... Full body : 20m FFXIV gil



Armor/Weapon/Complex Design: Starts at $30 - $60 (4-6m FFXIV gil)
Pet/Minion: Starts at $25 (3m FFXIV gil)
Full Background: Starts at $40 (5m FFXIV gil)

Let me know what size image you would like.
Otherwise, all character art will start out, roughly, on a 15x20in canvas, at 300dpi.


Full body : $35 or 5m FFXIV gil
Let me know what size image you would like.
Otherwise, chibis will start out on a standard 8x10in canvas, at 300dpi.


Static: Start at $15 each or 1.5m FFXIV gil
Animated: Start at $25 each (currently no gil option)
You will receive 4 separate sizes, via a Dropbox folder: 300px for Discord use and 112px, 56px & 28px for Twitch use. If you need 72px, 36px & 18px for sub badge sizes, please just let me know.
All emotes will have a transparent background and be in png format, unless you request otherwise, at roughly 260dpi.


• Contact me on Twitter (@rahkitty) or Discord (Rahkitty#0013), for any inquires.• For gaming character art (or chibis/emotes of the same), I will need to come see you in game. I generally use this time to take my own still shots of what I feel I would need for your commission. For FFXIV, once I am in GPose mode, you are free to move about the cabin. If you use mods, let me know! You'll need to have Mare Syncronos so we can link. If you wish to provide me a Mare export of your character, to skip meeting up, that's fine too.• For furry art/chibis/emotes please provide as many references as you are comfortable with giving. Be prepared to answer any questions I may have, if I think I'm missing something important.• As of right now, I currently play FFXIV and GW2. In FFXIV, I have characters on NA, EU, JP, and OCE. In GW2, I am NA only and have no plans for EU at this time.• Cash payments are made via Ko-fi. If you are paying FFXIV gil, depending on the amount, I may either come see you for smaller amounts or have you come to one of my homes to buy something off a mannequin.• Payment is upfront after I confirmed your order.• Major feedbacks are limited to sketch stage Max 3 times, minor feedbacks are still acceptable on coloring stage.• Work is usually done within a month, depends on the queue. I will always communicate with you otherwise.*****************************************• All works are for personal use only. This includes your personal broadcasting channels like Twitch or Youtube.• I have the right to turn down a commission request for any reason.• Result might be posted as a sample unless requested otherwise.• Do not use my art for NFT or any other blockchain-related technology.• My work is NEVER to be used in AI technology, or for the purposes of AI training and/or generating pieces.• My work is not to be edited or resold. EVER.• If you repost my work, you must credit me.• Do not remove or crop out my signature from any of my pieces. Cropping for purposes of a profile picture is fine.

Digital Paintings